Country : USA
Release : 19, March, 2012
Publisher : HOW Books Classification : Book, Hardcover
Language : English Size : 8.1 x 7.6 x 0.8 inches

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Interview:Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects.
介紹:Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects.

16, May, 2012

Human Paradise Studio's work - "I LUV FLORA" in "Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite" Projects.

Brimming with inspiration, Damn Good highlights the favorite work of designers around the globe, showcasing their best and most passionate projects. This unique and diverse collection challenges the status quo and typical industry boundaries, and also contains the stories behind the work—in the words of the creative teams who designed them. Damn Good features a bold range of design work, spanning 35 countries and multiple disciplines, including print, identity, packaging, interactive, and more.

The Best Work from Top Designers All designers experience it from time to time, that amazing feeling when a project comes together perfectly, and you can shout (at least in your head) ?Damn, I?m good!? This unique book compiles those spectacular moments and showcases the resulting work, whether the client ended up approving it or not.

Organized by discipline, including packaging, logos, environmental graphics, websites and more, DIG offers a dizzying array of the most inspirational design work being produced today. The book will also include an in-depth case study of the best project from each category with a detailed, behind-the-scenes story direct from the designer.

Each of the 200 firms featured in the book will be provided with a banner ad to announce the book on their websites, blogs, facebook pages, etc. to create a huge social media campaign.

Country : China
Release : Feberary, 2012
Publisher : MDX Publisshing Classification : Book, Hardcover
Language : Chinese Size : 16 K

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Interview:Brand Design in China 2012.

15, May, 2012

Human Paradise Studio's work "I LUV FLORA",""SWEAR"- in "Brand Design in China 2012, 中國品牌設計年鑑2012. "

《中國品牌設計年鑑, Brand Design in China 2012》收錄的設計機構不僅有行業翹楚、亦有創業新銳,設計師中不僅有資深大家、亦有後起之秀,所有的設計機構及設計師一視同仁,輯入作品的唯一的標準就是作品的水準。 《中國品牌設計年鑑》收輯具有一流水準的品牌設計作品,尋求設計理念與商業價值完美結合的成功範例.

《中國品牌設計年鑑, Brand Design in China 2012》致力於打造中國最權威的年度品牌設計圖書,成為設計公司及設計師才華展示和作品呈現的最高平台,通過遴選年度最佳的品牌設計作品,為中國品牌設計樹立行業標杆與價值典範,為設計傳承及文化交流提供可以藉鑑與學習的經典項目,為中國品牌設計事業的發展留下全面真實的文獻檔案。

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Country : China
Release : December, 2011
Publisher : Wondering Publishing Co., Ltd. Classification : Book
Language : English Size : 30 x 23 cm

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Book Title:Touch-inspiración 04

It includes: Advertising, branding, cards, calendar, DM, environment, illustration, publication, poster, promotion, packaging, typeface and other materials of practice, etc.

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Country : Germany
Release : October, 2010
Publisher : TASCHEN Classification : Book
Language : English, French, German Size : 19.6 x 24.9 cm

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Book Title: Asian Graphics Now!

Eastern aesthetics, A visual exploration of graphic design from Mumbai to Tokyo

Asia is home to roughly 60% of the world’s population—around 4 billion people in over 50 countries—yet the continent covers less than 9% of the world’s surface. With China and India leading in growth and Japan being the most technological place on the planet, Asian graphic design has a lot to contribute to creativity around the world. The aesthetics that have developed in the region, blending tradition and a forward-looking approach to contemporary culture, cannot be seen anywhere else. In contrast to major players Japan and China, countries like Korea, Singapore, India, and Thailand also offer a very individual take on the use of graphics, typography, and many other in many related areas. 

Featuring the best and the most recent advertising campaigns, posters, brand-design projects, corporate identity, package design, and editorial design, Asian Graphics Now! is an inspirational and important book for any creative student or professional.

Julius Wiedemann was born in Brazil, studied graphic design and marketing, and was an art editor for digital and design magazines in Tokyo. His many TASCHEN digital and media titles include Illustration Now!, Advertising Now, Logo Design, and Brand Identity Now! 

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Country : Taiwan
Release : January, 2009
Publisher : Cite Publishers Classification : Book
Language : Traditional Chinese Size : 21x25 cm

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Book Title: 100% Design Taiwan.

Content: 足以說服自己的好設計
  ~Editor: July Huang


從理性角度切入,透過感性思考到最後畫面的呈現,身為 Human Paradise Studio 創意指導的鄒家豪,憑藉在平面設計產業中所培養出的美感,以及在廣告業所學習到的策略性創意與文字邏輯整合,洗淨過去台灣平面設計所散發的濃厚東方色彩,混搭東西方不同藝術文化元素,以獨特的新亞洲美學在國際舞台上展現不一樣的台灣創造力,「我承認自己在本質與活上極度地偏向傳統與東方,但在設計上我希望能夠展現台灣創意不同的一面!」強調設計是針對人所提供的服務,一向對人性與人體造型觀察入微的鄒家豪,便順勢地將人的外型與內心世界加進作品中,並透過色調與飽和度之間的微妙變化,結合實體寫真、色彩幾何拼貼的融合手法,帶出不同的主題創作。


對鄒家豪而言,好的設計來自商品定位、策略,到最後成品誕生每個環節都是正確計算的堅持,因此增加生活面的廣度以及對創意的整合,成了他自我鍛鍊的兩個重要環節,擁有數千張 CD 收藏的他除了從音樂中提升生活品味外,也要求自己要大量閱讀 ( 從圖畫書中養成美感、再文字書中整合創意 ),最後在透過旅行擴大生活層面與體悟,「對我而言設計不是工作而是生活的一部分!」
Country : Switzerland
Release : 11, November, 2008
Classification : Website Link :
Language : English  

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Title: Brad Tzou From Taiwan   ~Written by Rene Wanner

Brad Tzou (鄒家豪 Tzou Jiao Hao ) is a graphic designer from Taiwan, whose brilliant work has recently surfaced in several international poster competitions (AntiAIDS Ukraine 2007, Ten Images for Ithaca 2007, Hong Kong Poster Triennial 2007), and won him a Judges's Special Award at the Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2006. In addition, he received numerous awards for his commercial work, and has written several textbooks on various graphic design topics, see the web site of his studio Human Paradise for more details. I admire his masterful use of the modern tools available in graphic design now.

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Country : China
Release : April, 2008
Publisher : Seecoo Culture Communication Organization Classification : Magazine
Language : Simple chinese Size : 24x32 cm

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Magazine Title: New Graphic  (no.16) 

Article Title: Multidimensional City - Taipei.
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