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Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007

17,November, 2007

Hong Kong International Poster Triennial is organized in aims of establishing Hong Kong as a leading city in the world in the arena of promoting poster design. The result this year is encouraging with a record breaking 2,253 entries received from 737 designers of 46 Asia-Pacific and European countries. 249 entries were selected and will be exhibited at the Thematic Gallery of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Seminar of local judges and past winners will also be held after the opening ceremony, to encourage exchange and sharing of ideas and experience.

Opening Ceremony of exhibition
Date: 24.11.2007 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 noon
Venue: Function Place & Thematic Gallery 1,2 and 5, 1/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Exhibition period: 25.11.2007 - 19.05.2008

Date: 24.11.2007 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Theatre, 1/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Speakers: Mr. Han Jiaying, Mr. Sandy Choi, Mr. Stanley Wong
Moderator: Ms Grace Lau K.B.
Enrolment: Please apply online or download the form from http://hk.heritage.museum
Enquiry: Hong Kong Heritage Museum at 2180 8260 or HKDA at 2527 3968

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Photo by Anne


Design v.s. Design II

15,September, 2007


去年獲得2006海報設計全場大獎的法國知名設計師Ronald Curchod也應邀參展,展場將有四十幅其歷年作品。


 2.獲2005 ICOGRADA Excellence Award的Imboden Melchior及2006全場大獎的Ronald Curchod大師作品展-67件
地點: 台灣建築.設計與藝術展演中心

«創意設計研討會 »

台北場 9月15日(週六)9:30-17:30 文化大學推廣部-建國分部
9月19日(週三)9:30-17:30 台北市建國南路二段231號
台中場 9月15日(週六)13:00-17:30 台灣建築.設計與藝術展演中心
9月16日(週日) 9:30-17:30 台中市復興路三段362號

報名諮詢:中國生產力中心 設計推廣組 02-26982989 ext 2104趙小姐、1954尚小姐

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Save Me !! Exhibition of Posters for Environment Protection

26,July, 2007

Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Shu-Te University
Kaohsiung Creators Association
Opening Reception:Bureau of Cultural Center, Chih-Teh Hall

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Ten Images for Ithaca 2007
6th poster competition of the island Ithaca, Greece.

3,July, 2007

For its 6th edition, the Ithaca island’s Poster competition received 465,700 works by designers from 35 countries. Human Paradise Studio was selected among the finalists.

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European Poster Competition Graphisme dans la Rue 2007

26,June, 2007

The 15th edition of the European Poster Competition Graphisme dans la Rue 2007 will be held in Fontenay-sous-Bois (FR). Finalists are Benedetto Bufalino / Bernard Pierre / Colrat Pascal / Debrenne Céline / Dupuis Gilles / Filloque Nicolas / Fontaine Mathieu / Graphset / Doczekalski Mickael / Gueguen Marie / Hickmann Fons / Hoon-Dong Chung / Hyvrard Colette / Imbert Denis / Landais Grégoire / Lefrancq Charles / Michellod Bruno / Perrottet Vincent / Souêtre Bruno / Tzou Brad / Vieillard Elena. Human Paradise Sudio’s work, “Light Shadow” will be displayed at La Galerie de l’Ecole from June 2 to 30, 2007.

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2. International Poster and Computer Animation Competition
"AntiAIDS-Ukraine", Kharkov (UA)

10,May, 2007

The 2. International Poster Competition "AntiAIDS - Ukraine" in Kharkiv, Ukraine, April 26 - May 20, 2007. The winning posters are shown on the winner's page. All pictures are from the catalogue kindly provided by Vladimir Senchuk, President of Chervona Strichka, the Kharkiv Regional Charitable Foundation for Assistance to HIV/AIDS Affected People.
Please visit the official web site, the Chervona Strichka web site, Sergei Serov's column on KAK, or the Call for entries for more details.

The List of Participants
Link to see select Poster

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Exhibition photo from http://www.chervona_strichka.ic.kharkov.ua

Poster at Taipei Zhongshan Gallery

13,April, 2007

Human Paradise studio’s poster “Vive la Vitality” will be displayed at Taipei Zhongshan Gallery for the Taiwan International Poster Design Award - Taiwan Series

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