Select : Taiwan Good Design 2008.
03, October, 2008

Human Paradise Studio Poster “Reading- It’s not just a TALK”,“Reading- It’s not just a LOOK” won award - Taiwan Good Design.

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Select : 7th Bienal de design de Macau 2008.
28, May, 2008

Human Paradise Studio’s poster "Viva La Vitality " are one of the winer .

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The Results of the iF communication design award 2008.
21, May, 2008

Hannover, May 21, 2008
The results of the iF communication design award 2008 are in.
Human Paradise Studio's poster "reading - Not just a LOOK" "reading - Not just a TALK" are one of the winer.

“Different cultures are improving their sense of mutual comprehension” — this is just one insight stemming from this year’s “iF communication design awards” competition. A total of 310 entries received a coveted prize this year.

The “iF communication design awards 2008” competition featured a total of 1,290 entries (compared with 1,140 in 2007) from 16 nations. Just which of these winners will also receive one of 30 additional iF gold awards in recognition of exceptional design quality will not be revealed until the iF awards ceremony in September 2008 in Munich, Germany.

In their fifth year of existence the iF communication design awards were able to chalk up another sharp increase in the number of entries submitted. Around 15% of all entries came from Asia, with residents of Singapore competing for the first time ever. Winning an iF communication design award means points for the creative authors and agencies in the national rankings put out by Page, W&V Werben und Verkaufen and Horizont.

Jury reactions

Under the chairmanship of Ruedi Alexander Müller-Beyeler, an international, 16-member jury adjudicated the entries in 24 different subcategories within the main categories of digital media, print media, corporate architecture, cross-media and too good to be true. Müller noted a positive trend in intercultural understanding: “I am extremely impressed at the quality of the Asian projects submitted,” he said, adding that “many of the projects reveal how people are beginning to understand each other across the various cultures. The search for comprehension, the need to unite your own roots with those of a different culture is conspicuous — and often highly successful”. In a similar vein, Pierro Lo from the International Council of Interior Architects & Designers noted: “In the Asian-Pacific region there are by now many fine accomplishments in the realm of architecture and cross-media. The entire scope of this rich spectrum needs to be reflected in future iF communication design awards.” As far as the print media were concerned, juror Klaus Kuhn noted that, although the overall level of quality in the competition was very high, “outstanding achievements were much more rare. In the print media for the automotives, but for other sectors as well, there was less flashiness this time around, with many annual reports returning to a more modest approach.” Thomas Hirt from ERCO stated: “It was fascinating to see the wide variety of projects in the digital media sector.” Boris Lakowski took a more critical view: “Motion remains a challenge for many Web designers, although the targeted deployment of motion graphics is crucial in guiding the user and generating positive interaction feedback.” He also voiced his opinion that many Web designers would benefit greatly from taking a typography class.

Facts and figures at a glance

For the “iF communication design awards 2008”, a total of 1,290 entries from 16 nations were submitted, with a total of 310 entries figuring as the successful recipients of a prize, broken down as follows:
v 68 in the digital media category
175 in the print media category
55 in the corporate architecture category
12 in the cross-media category
30 iF gold awards were also awarded to selected prizewinners. 5 successful projects also received a special award within the too good to be true category. The iF communication 2008 yearbook will be brought out in time for the awards ceremony in September.

The jury

The jury was chaired again this year by Ruedi Alexander Müller-Beyeler (a partner in the consulting alliance of Vaccani, Zweig & Associates, Zurich/Switzerland), with the remaining jurors consisting of Jürgen Bahls (Zeeh, Bahls & Partner Design GmbH, Diessen/Germany), Enrico Belloni (, Milan/Italy), Markus Hanzer (mira4 OG, Vienna/Austria), Thomas Hirt (ERCO Leuchten GmbH, Lüdenscheid/Germany), Prof. Fons Hickmann (Fons Hickmann m23 GmbH, Berlin/Germany), Kaan Kaner (Dreambox Visual Communication Services, Istanbul/Turkey), Klaus Kuhn (Gründer von Kuhn, Kammann & Kuhn AG, Cologne/Germany), Boris Lakowski (Lakowski, Wiesbaden/Germany), Prof. David Linderman (Fork Unstable Media, Berlin/Germany), Pierre Lo International Council of Interior Architects & Designers, Hong Kong), Catelijne van Middelkoop (Strange Attractors Design, Den Haag/The Netherlands), Barbro Ohlson Smith (Ohlsonsmith, Stockholm/ Sweden), Hans Reichel (Typograph, Wuppertal/Germany), Andreas Rotzler (Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux, Zurich/Switzerland) und Jennifer Tsai (Proad Image Design, Taipei, Taiwan).

The categories for adjudication included animation, atmosphere, interface, screen design, typography, sound, photography, product communication, image, sales promotion and corporate publishing.

>> The iF online exhibition will be accessible for viewing on the iF website beginning in August (
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Select : Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007.
27, May, 2008

Human Paradise Studio’s poster - Viva La Vitality won Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2007

Photo by Anne
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